Friday Download: a Conservative Party conference re-cap, a new talent pool and Dan the man…

It won’t come as a surprise that we’re kicking off this week’s edition with the Conservative Party conference, which turned into something even the cruellest ‘Thick of It’ writer couldn’t have dreamt up.

It’s not fair to judge someone’s performance on a coughing fit, but unfortunately for Theresa May, everything else that could have gone wrong did (you can find the full series of events here). Of course, we’re mostly interested in the social media element, specifically, the promoted behind-the-scenes pictures targeted at younger voters.

Many commentators have said that the posts – which don’t identify the largely white, middle-aged politicians they feature, or highlight Tory policies – point to a wider problem facing the party that still appears bewildered by online campaigning. Theresa May tweeted four times last month. Her Instagram has been updated six times since the general election. And she has 444,000 fans on Facebook versus Jeremy Corbyn’s 1.4 million.

The Tory party can’t jump straight to jaunty “VICE-esque” content, like that shared by Labour, right away. It wouldn’t feel authentic. But they could focus on consistency and consider creating content that features some of those young people they’re keen to reach.


It’s not often you see the words “LinkedIn” and “analytics” in the same sentence, yet here we are. LinkedIn is building a new product: LinkedIn Talent Insights, a self-service, big data analytics product that will let recruiters make deeper queries into statistics for hiring and employment.

Talent Insights will come, initially, with two views, called “Talent Pool” and “Company report.” The first of these will let recruiters search on different parameters related to specific jobs that they may want to fill — for example, a typical kind of search LinkedIn envisions might be used here is ‘what schools are producing the most successful data scientists?’ The Company report will provide a similar kind of dive but into recruitment patterns at your own company and your competitors.

As LinkedIn faces increasing competition from others that are hoping to edge into the recruitment space – most recently Facebook – it will be hoping that opening up some its massive data repository will keep people coming back to the platform. Fingers crossed we’ll soon be able see some of this data in paid campaigns too!


On Wednesday morning, the account of Donald Trump tweeted this: “NBC news is #FakeNews and more dishonest than even CNN. They are a disgrace to good reporting. No wonder their news ratings are way down!” He wasn’t the only one. Dan Scavino, the White House’s director of social media, also posted the tweet.

Trump outsourcing his social media activity seems to have come as a surprise to some, but we all know that a Twitter account as impactful as Trump’s involves a lot of time and investment, something that the President of the United States simply cannot offer as an individual.


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What happens when you ask people to draw brand logos from memory?

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